Sci Fi News: President Wall

Sci Fi News is a series of short stories based on the potential consequences of current events told in a more or less fictionalized style.

Upon the rising of The Wall began the fall of the greatest country in the West, America, unified and fortified through 50 states. The things that initiated America’s now appearing greatness were born from deceit, war, and blood. That isn’t to say greatness cannot rise from tragedy. Maybe, just maybe, we imagined because it appeared to get better that meant one could atone for the greatest of sins against another human: harm.

However, America didn’t stand on the backs of original settlers and slaves and got off with frivolous apologies and reparations. It did no deep rooted work on its past. Instead it moved into the shadows, slowly peeling the rights and privileges from the backs of those it continued to stand on. By the time minorities of all kinds found its ability to stand up, their backs were already bruised beyond recognition and bend into subservient shape. That did not mean they could never rise, never regain full form. It would alternatively take generations to remold from the new slavery.

The President campaigned on a promise heard across the world, to build a wall that long existed in the minds and hearts of any kind of minority, that is the non white male. Many who had known about the mental wall were happy to see its rising become a visual reality to remind all minorities of their place. Those who had always felt the wall burden their hearts were repulsed by the idea of its physical manifestation.

Yet, despite all efforts, President Wall won. Blame was handed out to everyone who voted for him, but mostly to those who didn’t vote at all. Bystanders, they chorused, were the worst sort of people, worst than those who supported discrimination and bigotry. Some bystanders refused to vote because they believed participation in an unjust system made them just as guilty as the very system. Instead of compassion and understanding, enemies were made of friends.

Regardless of the aforementioned, it was inevitable a President Wall would come to power, either through conspiracy or karmic law. An unresolved ancestral past must pay its dues through its children. Atonement had always been possible, but it was never acted upon. Instead its past continued to be repeated, which meant America’s fall was to eventually come. The Wall was not the symbol of the majority’s power and the minority’s lack thereof. It was a symbol of how humans give up their power and sovereignty.

An invisible wall rose across the world as well. The separation was not only felt, but it could be seen. An American passport once guaranteed access to nearly all the world, but soon it guaranteed for those appearing in the majority the very opposite. The country once appearing to lead the rest was dethroned. Cries of reverse discrimination were shouted from The Wall to the rest of the world who did not care. Proof of otherness once meaning a loss of privilege became proof of the right to exist.

Though slow and painful, minorities of all kinds slowly began to leave America, most in search of their original ancestry, others for a new land to create something more Edenic. Those who believed in The Wall stayed in America, somehow breeding more separation amongst their sameness until there was nothing but an in breed of one suppressed by an endless war with themself.

Some wondered why the majority had to personally experience their oppression to change. Some were glad a world war didn’t have to occur to create change. Some wondered what took the world so long to atone. Some hoped the world learned its lesson.

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