Writebrained Out Loud

WOL brought you near parallel audio versions of my blog’s work including my short stories. Now it’ll be all about continuing the conversation (mostly with my partner Cheeno) instead of an exact blog replica.

I’ll still be keeping it amateur, so you’ll hear things like my kiddo Zero in the background, and I’ll be doing more audioblogs with no written blog component.

Let’s do the write thing – listen here or on any of these platforms out loud!

My First Two Piece Swimsuit at 30 Years Old Writebrained Out Loud

  1. My First Two Piece Swimsuit at 30 Years Old
  2. Algorithms, All God's Rhythms
  3. Embracing The Conspiracy Theorist In Me
  4. Wash, A Short Story
  5. Rebirth: Death of the Non Physical Self

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